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Lip Glosses Back on Trend

I’m all about lip trends. I may not be comfortable with wearing bold colors, like green, blue or orange. I do appreciate seeing the looks on other people. Like on one of my friends that can pull of the blue lip and just look casual with it. But a product that has been back on…… Continue reading Lip Glosses Back on Trend

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What was In My Bag|Tory Burch

Hello! I didn’t post this holiday season, since I spent most of my holiday with my family abroad and focused more on spending time with them since I don’t really see that side of the family often. I hope everyone had a great holiday season with whoever you spent it with. I wanted to get…… Continue reading What was In My Bag|Tory Burch

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Favorites|September & October

The end of the year is almost here and that means it is almost the end of the school term. Optimism here. Mainly because I still got over a month to go with classes. However, lets get into my favorites for the past two months. These are the things, I have been loving for the…… Continue reading Favorites|September & October

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Review|Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Eyeliner

I have an obsession with eyeliners. For some reason I keep collecting them. And here is one I added to my collection. The Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Eyeliner. I love this, especially for how small the tip is so it gives me a pretty good wing. And it helps cause it is also a…… Continue reading Review|Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Eyeliner

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Beauty| Liquid Lipsticks – Smashbox vs. Kat von D

Hello lovelies! I am absolutely late to the liquid lipstick game. But I am definitely in love with these type of lipsticks. So far, I only have a few from the Smashbox and Kat von D lines. But honestly, both formulas act differently on me and I do have one line that I prefer more.…… Continue reading Beauty| Liquid Lipsticks – Smashbox vs. Kat von D

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Beauty|July & August Favorites

Four months to the end of the year and it has been two months since my last favorites post. So here’s the things that I have been loving for the past two months. There are a few things that I had since forever that I have come back around to being used frequently. Smashbox Always…… Continue reading Beauty|July & August Favorites

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At the Moment|Sephora Eye Liners

There are a few things that I love using whether I have a full face of makeup or just trying to put something on my face before I walk out. And one of those things are eye liners. I love seeing how other people do them and do try to different styles on myself. I…… Continue reading At the Moment|Sephora Eye Liners

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Beauty|Lazy Day Go To’s

Being in a rush in the morning is a norm for me when I get back into the routine of classes. And sometimes, I just don’t have the energy. So I have a few basic go to products that I pick up. The product I tend to reach for the most mainly deal with my…… Continue reading Beauty|Lazy Day Go To’s

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Beauty|May & June Favs

Hello July! May and June have come and go. That means, we are already enjoying the summer.┬áIf you are specific to when the summer starts on the calendar, have gone a few weeks into the summer. So I decided to show some of the things I’ve been loving those two months. Perfume| Reb’l fleur Highlighter|…… Continue reading Beauty|May & June Favs

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Beauty|2016 Summer Night-Time

I try to have a routine every night before I go to sleep. And I will do it anytime before I go to sleep which can vary from 4 hours to a few minutes before I hit the bed. Even though the products I use change frequently, some of these products have been in use…… Continue reading Beauty|2016 Summer Night-Time