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Quote|A Smile is the Best Revenge

This is a short post for a little bit of motivation. Sometimes, we all get hurt by someone we were close to. But as I learned as I got older, the best way to mess and get back at someone is to keep doing your own thing and be happy. Even when it comes to someone…… Continue reading Quote|A Smile is the Best Revenge

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Life| Sometimes the Plan Changes

This post is a bit different from the others, but I feel like motivation should be given every once in a while. Being in school or work and even just going through life, we have moments that we just want to let it all go or stop and question, “why?”. So here is a little…… Continue reading Life| Sometimes the Plan Changes


What’s in My Bag

beSo, I have this thing with being an nosy person when it comes to watching or reading what people have in their bag. It shows whether the person has a type A personality or just chucks whatever they need or get into it. So I decided to  check out how I really am with my bag. In…… Continue reading What’s in My Bag

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Life|Simple Delights

It is the beginning of the summer for most and after coming back from school or even a day of work. There is a point that most people want a good short relaxation period. And here is a simple picture of a few essentials on my relaxation day. Sweets/Lindor White Chocolate Nail Polish/Essie-Petal Pusher Tea/Green…… Continue reading Life|Simple Delights

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Music | April Loves

Music is something that I to listen to at any moment of the day. The type of song depends on the mood I’m in and what I am doing. So I decided to share the songs that I have been repeat this month. Contradiction | Mail Music & Jhene Aiko Room in Here | Anderson…… Continue reading Music | April Loves

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April Motivation| Keep Going

So for most of us the semester is coming to an end. Not saying that’s a bad thing, but it also means that finals are just around the corner. So here is a quote that is keeping me motivated right now! Study while others are sleeping; Work while  others are loafing; Prepare while others are playing;…… Continue reading April Motivation| Keep Going