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New Lippies|Make Up For Ever

I will admit that I am a hoarder. An hoarder of lipsticks. And I tend to go for similar colors. The shades I mostly go for are mainly reds, purples, and browns. So, when Sephora was having their Wow Flash Sale and I saw that the Make Up For Ever Lipsticks were on sale I picked up a few. I was really happy for this since I really wanted to try a black lipstick that was well-pigmented and not too drying. And from what I have heard about this brand, the lipsticks are great when it come to pigment. So, lets get into this small little lipstick haul!MUFE Lipsticks.jpg

So I picked out 5 different shades, and each one came out beautifully & well-pigmented. I went out with it a few times when I went home and it stayed on for a good amount of time. I will admit I was bit more careful while eating, so I can’t say much about wear-and-tear of it in that aspect. But it definitely stayed on during the day with little to no retouching. In addition to that, the consistency is great. I picked up 3 matte lipsticks and the other 2 were cream. All 5 lipsticks still give my lips a moisturized feeling. And that is a plus with the 3 that have a matte finish.

MUFE Lip Swatches
MUFE Lip Swatches

These (☝🏿) are the swatches of the lipsticks I picked up. The “C” before the number classifies the shade under cream and the ones with “M” are matte. When I got these, I was so excited. And as I tried them on one by one, I go even more excited.
C604 (Black) is one of my favorites, I am actually in love with the color black on me after I wore this.
C506 (Dark Purple). I wouldn’t consider it that dark, but it is definitely a good shade of purple and I feel like has a bit of a red tone to it or maybe that is just on me.
M402 (Brick Red) is an actual red shade. It was the only actual red color that I picked up. I tend to mainly wear these on special occasions or when I’m just in one of those “being extra” moods.
M500 (Wine Violet) is beautiful. But on me, I would describe it more as a dark red. I don’t really see any violet tones in this shade. But I absolutely love it, it is the kind of red I tend to go to on a normal day.
M501 (Plum Violet). With this one I can see more of the violet shades. It is a good mix of both red and purple on my skin tone. It’s a shade I may not pick up often to use by itself, but I know I’ll mainly use it to create a gradient look on my lips.

And that is the end to my little Make Up For Ever Lipstick haul. Thanks for stopping by and I hoped you enjoyed the post! If you have any thoughts on the lipsticks leave a comment. I would love to know what you think.


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