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Lip Glosses Back on Trend

I’m all about lip trends. I may not be comfortable with wearing bold colors, like green, blue or orange. I do appreciate seeing the looks on other people. Like on one of my friends that can pull of the blue lip and just look casual with it. But a product that has been back on trend and I’ve been seeing more and more on fashion & beauty bloggers and vloggers is lip gloss. I liked this growing up on other people, but couldn’t fully get into it my self. Why? The stickiness of the product isn’t great and with my skin tone, the color didn’t show up most of the time. But with it back on trend and the shades now have greater pigmentation, I gave it another try.

I’ve picked up a few products here and there. But the ones that I am actually a bit obsessed with is from the Smashbox line. I didn’t know how it was gonna go compared to the others I picked up, but I feel like I made the right choice when I bought a gloss from the line. I actually bought Brick Trick first then went about 2 months later I went to get Brains N’ Bronze.

I think I may have annoyed a few people with talking about it and constantly recommending it. But there are reasons I am head over heels for these (☝🏿) lip products.

  1. Pigmentation is awe-inspiring. Let me just say that I first put this one for a dinner with friends right after I bought. And it was pigmented to the perfection. 1-2 coats and it looks divine, no streaks or smudging .
  2. The shape of the applicator is on point. One thing I love about Smashbox lip products is the applicators. I use the tip as a liner and then the full shape to fill in the lips.
  3. No drying effect. I can wear these products basically all day long and not feel that drying effect on my lips.
  4. Can be layered. Especially these two colors! These two put together comes with an amazing combo. It comes out very neutral on my with a metallic shine on me.
  5. Pigmentation does last! Okay, this is one of the things that left me unsatisfied about a lot lip glosses. Even though there is some transfer, the color stays put. I have had large meals and the color stayed put. Anything oily tends to wipe off any lip product, but that’s inevitable.

These were my favorite lip products of the summer and they are definitely following into the fall products that I love. Thanks for stopping by and reading my little review/raving of the Smashbox lip glosses. If you have any thoughts on the product or glosses you’ve been loving, please share.


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