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Tea Tree Micellar Water Cleanser

Introducing a new product to evergoing skincare products on my bathroom counter. I picked up a Micellar Water from Superdrug while I was in London. I already use the Tea Tree Oil from the brand. And of course, the name of the brand is tea tree skincare. I used it more while I was traveling, but I brought it back out recently due to me getting a few breakouts here and there. And I am loving it!
I use it just like any other micellar water. If I remember in the morning, I just swipe it before I use my face  cleanser. At night after I day out, I do the same if I didn’t wear any makeup. However, if I decided to wear makeup, I may use my Garnier Micellar Water and the I use this to clean a bit more. The smell isn’t really strong, so that works great for me in morning when I still want to be groggy for a little longer. The product works over a period of time, so it takes a while to see the full effect, but I like it. I also enjoy that it doesn’t leave a oily feel to my skin after I use it. I tend to have that problem with other micellar water.
It is a combination of tea tree & peppermint extracts. I’m able to use it without the tingling sensation that usually comes with tea tree or peppermint products. So I would recommend this for someone that doesn’t really like a  strong smell or getting that oily feeling or look to your skin.

I hope you enjoyed this little post & if you want, tell me what micellar water cleansers you’ve been loving. Thanks for stopping by!


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