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A Little Haul

A little shopping here and there, especially when I’m abroad an I run out of things. I’m going to talk about a few things that I picked up at Boots and Superdrug. This isn’t all that I got, but I wanted to share with you guys a my thoughts on these products right here that I have been using more frequently.

Botanics Hydrating Day Cream. This was bought on a whim and the fact that I ran out of facial cream while I visited. And to be  completely honest, when I got home an saw the consistency I wasn’t sure if it would be great for my skin. And surprisingly, the cream is really hydrating for my skin and it has a lovely  and light smell to it. I like the fact that it was not oil in any way and it felt like it easily absorbed into my skin. Through the day, my skin just shines and my face won’t get oily until I’m about to do my night routine.

Quick Fix Facial|Purifying Charcoal Mask. I always pick up a few masks when I enter any store with skincare. It’s a bad habit, that I probably won’t stop. But  I actually picked this up since I like charcoal mask and wanted to try it out. And I will say, that hands down, this works (at least on my skin). I try to use this at least once a week or more depending on my skin under normal circumstances. But recently, I have been using it daily due to my skin being congested and getting multiple acne. It really helps pull out whatever is causing my skin to look congested. And it also doesn’t increase or cause the irritation to my skin.

Tea Tree Oil. This is a little gem I picked up from Superdrug. I actually picked another product from the same brand that I will talk about later. But I actually am a huge supporter, lover and advocate for Tea Tree Oil. I love using it to help with irritation bumps I tend to get on my face and to help with blemishes. I tend to mix it in with other products that I use or sometime apply a small amount on top of a pimple for 2-3 nights. It really is helpful to just have on hand for me.

I hope you enjoyed this little haul as well as my thoughts on the products I got. If you have anything to add, just put it down below, I would love to hear your thoughts.
I hope you have a  good day/night! Thanks for stopping by.


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