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Travel 2017 | Beautiful Paris

Paris, a city that I have been wanting to go to for years. And I am so happy that I have been. It really is a beautiful city and a place to go and just walk around and find beauty. The people in the city where absolutely wonderful and helpful. The scenery was beautiful and it is definitely and place I would continue to go to.

The day we arrived when took the train from London and then drove the rest of the way from the station in France into Paris. It did take a while to get into Paris that day due to there being traffic on the day that we went. So we go in, checked into the hotel and rested for the rest of the day.

We woke up quite late that morning and ate some of the food that we bought the day before we went. Afterwards, we took the train to Saint Germain des-Pres. From there we walked around a bit. We entered Louis Vuitton and then just walked the streets and passed by cafes,  boutiques and galleries. It was just a scenic walk. From there we saw a few people crossing a bridge and decided to follow them.
On the bridge we decided to take a few photos and stay there for a bit and just people watch. After awhile, we decided to continue down the bridge and ended up in a beautiful area and with out realizing it, we were at Musee du Louvre. It was absolutely beautiful and amazing. The architecture was lovely to admire. After our tine there we walked over to the Tuileries & Carrousel Gardens and just enjoyed the view before looking for some food.
We took to the streets to find some Chinese food and ended up at Chez Shen. The food was amazing and the shop was a little bit small. The service was amazing and they were patient with us as we try to figure out the food that we would eat for that afternoon. After food we went shopping (more like window shopping).
After walking around the shops a bit, we then went back to gardens. We did stop by Angelina for some pastries and sat down in the garden until sun down. We then headed to the carousel and only my little cousin and I went on it. The view from the carousel was absolutely beautiful especially at that time of the day.
And that was the end of our day out.

Since, we did go on a weekend that there was a holiday, I still wanted to go to a few stores that morning. But the places I wanted to go into from the day before were closed.
So instead, we went looking for food. And of course, I picked that we should go to LaduréeEspecially since we were right next to it. The food was good and it was a lovely place to be. For me, the food was quite enough to fill me for a while. But since I was traveling with guys, they were still a bit hungry afterwards, so we got dessert. And that was amazing.
Afterwards, we then just walked around the area again and saw quite a few musical celebrations going on. But then after picking up a few things we needed and watching what was going on, we decided to go to the Eiffel Tower. We didn’t go up due to my travel companions not liking heights. But we ended up taking pictures from different angles.
However, the day ended here since it decided to rain. So we headed back to the hotel and only went out again for dinner.

We went back Monday morning. I would say that it was a fun to just be in the city of Paris and I know where I would like to go more next time I go. And when to go, which will not be on a holiday like this one. I can’t wait to go back again.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my little trip to Paris. Most of the sightseeing happened on Saturday, but the overall weekend was fun for me. It was fun spending time with family and exploring somewhere new.


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