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The Body Shop|Seaweed Toner

The Body Shop, my favorite place to stop by when I’m back home. So of course, I stopped by and picked up a few things. And one little thing that I decided to get was a toner due to me finishing both my fresh and Burt’s Bees toners. When I picked this out, it was around the season change into spring and my skin starts to act up around transitions of the seasons. So I got this due to the fact I get a bit more oily during this time and into the summer. In addition, the amount of flights I took around the time caused a bit of unbalance of my skin.

The Body Shop|Seaweed Toner

The Seaweed Oil-Balancing Toner actually helped quite a bit due to the irritation and the amount of oil I would produce during the day. The first time using it, I felt a quick sensation on my skin, but the more I used it the less I felt the sensation. It really did show some improvement to my skin. Although with warmer months, my skin does go more on the oily side. This product has actually helped in decreasing the greasy look I get half-way through the day. At the same time, my face feels cleaner after I use it, but not stripped of moisture. And it is easy to use. I just allow a bit to go onto a cotton pad and apply it to my neck and face then go on with my routine.
This is a product I would recommend to use depending on how your skin is. It is not drying or too strong and that I something that I am avoiding with my skin now. I am focusing more on moisture and I’m happy with it being added to the routine I have now.

Thanks for stopping by! And I hope you have a nice day/night/week/weekend!


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