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Travel Bits of May

It has been a while since I posted. I started exams, then I traveled around a bit to see family and to check on other things. But I’m back on my blogging game, it may not be frequent. But I want to get back into something I enjoy & to share what I’ve been loving lately. Finished with my little rant and I will now move on to the main point of the post.

In May, I traveled a bit more than usual than I have in a while. I been flying from school to home to NY to London and then a train Paris. Then making way back through the loop. So I pulled out a few bits that I have been loving during my short stays here and there. IMG_20170508_051525665

I have talked about each one of the face items I have shown. But i am seriously in love with them so much.
The fresh Soy Face Cleanser is amazing and great for my skin. It honestly isn’t harsh and I love using while I’m traveling due to my skin being really irritated while I travel. After using it, my skin is not dry after I wash it. It helps with the hydrating skincare routine that I have when I am traveling. So I have kept this in my travel toiletry bag since last year. The product goes a long way and you honestly just need a drop for your face.
The Oils of Life Facial Oil from Body Shop is LIFE! I absolutely love this and WILL repurchase it when it runs out. It is amazing on a lazy day and on days when I have a at-home-spa day. It like an overnight miracle worker for my skin no matter what. I don’t know how it works for me, but it does.
The Estée Lauder Night Eye Cream I’ve had for a awhile and I do love it. It is mainly the one I use when I travel and I love how small of amount I need to  use. I mainly use it as a prevention especially since I smile a lot and I don’t want to get crow’s feet showing too much for a long while. But I did have few lines coming in around my eyes even without smiling and I saw a change around my eyes after a few weeks of using the product.
Lastly, I consider myself a Nivea girl, in the fact I have the brand incorporated in most of the things I do. In this case, the body lotion is my lotion of choice. I absolutely love this and i had to pick this up while I was in London. The reason was because I didn’t have any and the lotion that my family had while I was there was not for my skin. And I saw improvements of my skin within a few days of using it. This is not a product for everyone in my opinion depending on how you like products to sit on your skin. But the consistency and moisture makes it a great product for me.

So that’s a little bit about my favorite products while i traveling. I hope you enjoyed. And if you want you can share some products you love using while traveling or just in your everyday routine.


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