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In My Closet|Puma Eskiva Very Hi

Welcome back! And here is another post about what is in my closet! I am super excited about this post, mainly because I am utterly in love with these. It actually took me a while to get the pair. And I honestly asked a few people about the shoe before I purchased them. And they are my second pair of Eskivas. I have the Eskiva Hi in white. wp-1488225262558.jpg
I actually wasn’t absolutely sure about the color due to it being a berry color. I wasn’t sure about styling it, so I was between the gray pair as well. However, after having a poll with a few friends, I ended up get the pair in this color.

I wore these a few times over winter break. And have sadly left them at home for the term. They are really easy to pair with my everyday outfits, since I am not really into really bright colors. It adds a bit of color to a very basic outfit or monotone outfit. They are also pretty comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The only thing, is that I had to find a way to stuff my jeans into the shoe. other than that, it can go with everything else. I tend to wear shorts with it as well.

So that is a little peek into my closet! And I hope you enjoyed. i might to a how to style with this in the future. If your interested, comment down below.
Thanks for coming and reading. And I hope you enjoy your day!


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