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Hello! Today, I want to share the products that I use on my hair. As a student, there are times that I get lazy with my hair and I have taken out my braids for quite a while now. Having natural hair is a bit of a hassle. And time is not really on my side, even on the weekends. That time is usually used to catch up on the material from the week. Natural (crazy curly) hair can be high maintenance, but there are some ways you can make it easier for you.

Quick details about my hair! One, my hair likes to do its own thing and sometimes is stays moisturized for days on end or decides to be dry with hours of product being applied. Two, it does well in humid hot weather, which is why in winter, I try to keep it in protective styles. Last detail of the day, I have three sections to my hair – randomly curly, random zig-zags than curl on each other and tight curls.

All of these lead me to look for products that work for all the sections of my hair. But the most important is the moisture factor. But I am not picky as long as it works. But in this post, I am going to share the ones, I have been using for a  long-term and one I found fairly recently. All the products work great with quick styling and help with giving my hair a better look.

Lazy Hair Essentials
Products at the moment

OGX Argan Oil of Morocco, Shower Oil| I have been loving this for a while.I picked it up when I went on a trip to New York with one my friends over a year ago.The product has been working for me and I have been loving it. It is light for my hair, but it feels amazing on my hair and helps soften my hair. It is not to heavy as well, but that is for my hair, especially since I have full and thick hair.
OGX Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum| I purchased this multiple times ever since I first laid eyes on it. And I can say it is good and I feel like it has the same effect as the Shower Oil. And from my experience it works, I see less breakage with my hair when I use it. And that is saying a lot considering I don’t comb my hair that often, I usually just finger comb it and don’t let shrink that much.
Garnier Sleek & Shine Intensively Smooth Leave In| This is actually a new product and love using it. I honestly use it without any reason sometimes. It goes on/into my hair with out there being a lot of buildup. And at the same, I can use about a quarter size on half of my hair. Which is amazing due to how thick my hair as well as the length.


I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of my products in my hair arsenal in university.
Thanks for stopping! Have a nice day!


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