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This is basically considered a lost travel blog. I had lost some of the photos I took, but I still wanted to share the trip I went on.
In December, I had finished the exams I had for the term and my ticket to go back home was a week away. And by this time, I wanted a change of environment. So I searched for the cheapest flight I could find last minute and booked a ticket and the place ended up being Montreal. Then I found a hotel located in an area that had multiple places near by. This was going to be my first solo trip and I wanted to see how it would be.

On Wed.
I went to get brunch with one of my friends before I left. She was leaving to go back home while I was in Montreal. So we decided to get something to eat before I took off. After we had an interesting time at brunch, I went back home and started to pack and prepare for the trip.
The flight was in mid-afternoon, so I decided to get to the airport at least an hour and half before my flight. The flights (I had a connection) to get there basically took the rest of the day. As soon as I got o my hotel that night, I just crashed.wp-1486359605847.jpg

On Thurs.
I woke up late! Which was completely normal since I really didn’t arrive until about midnight at my hotel. I went down for breakfast and talked to my mum a bit before I went out for the day. I then got a Uber to take my to Forever 21, due to me not having the appropriate outerwear for Montreal in December. I ended up staying there and just walking around, since the place ended up being the Underground City, filled with shops and places to eat. It was busy, with people walking around taking in the festive decorations and games that were displayed. It is a large space and it took me longer than I thought to get through and see everything. And I am not gonna lie, I kind of got lost as I didn’t know my way through the Underground City.

Complexe Desjardins

Afterwards, I walked to Complexe Desjardins and just walked around and got food. It was fun just seeing people walking around. I really didn’t do any shopping here. The place had a food court that had people lounging around and having conversations. It was also well decorated for Christmas and while I was there, they had a display happen. After that I decided to go back to my hotel room and relax for the rest of the day.

View from my room

The view from here at night was amazing, especially with people walking about. Especially since it snowed that night. This is when I realized I really wasn’t prepared for the Montreal weather. But what I loved about this view was the images that showed up on the building across from me at night.wp-1486359740009.jpg

On Fri.
I decided to get up early and go to Old Montreal. I really just went to see the architecture and maybe visit a few shops. There was barely  anyone there in the morning and the stores in the area were not open when I first arrived, but it was fun walking through the area. It felt a lot like Christmas, with the snow and the decorations on display. I walked around for about 2 hours before I went to Starbucks and sat down with a hot drink to warm up. wp-1486359695497.jpg
After finishing my hot chocolate, I got a Uber to Ogilvy and did a bit of window shopping. I didn’t spend much time in Ogilvy, it ranges from high-end to designer good. Soon after walking around in there, I then went onto Rue Sainte-Catherine St. and checked out different stores as I ended up going back to my hotel, since I had an early flight the next day. I did end up buying a few things and visiting the Underground City again.
Later on that day, I ended up going back on Rue Sainte-Catherine and turning onto Square-Phillips to get pizza from Il Focolaio. And the place seemed really busy when I went, it was packed. It might have been due to how small the place was. Overall, the pizza was good. I would recommend it.

On Sat.wp-1486359786177.jpg
I woke up early to get to airport to go back. I was basically leaving around 7 and I thought that 2 hours should be enough. And I am not gonna lie, I cut it close. Like really close and I didn’t even check in at the airport. I was actually a bit scared I was going to miss my flight. Especially since the next day, I had a flight out to go back going home. But it all worked out and I got to my gate with time to kill and relaxed on the flight back.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my short trip to Montreal. I really enjoyed it and wanted to share it with you.
Have a great day & thanks for stopping by!



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