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What was In My Bag|Tory Burch

Hello! I didn’t post this holiday season, since I spent most of my holiday with my family abroad and focused more on spending time with them since I don’t really see that side of the family often. I hope everyone had a great holiday season with whoever you spent it with. I wanted to get this out before, I start school and get back to just using a back-bag. However, that didn’t happen, but let’s get straight to the what was s in the bag portion.
The bag, that I have been using whenever I am home is my Tory Burch bag. I honestly love the size of it as well as the design. It is very modern but can be a classic piece in my closet. It really goes with everything and can do well with many occasions. The bag has held up well since I got it earlier last year this well. It really has help up with the constant use and the amount of things that I put in it on busy weeks. The design of the bag is well thought out and helps in the way I organize it or helps in things I need quick access to. It has a main compartment in the middle closing by a zipper and on both sides, the compartments are closed by magnetic clasps.
Because this is basically my everyday bag, it tend to get packed with things that I feel that I need one day and may never take out until I clean it out. Which leads to me sharing: What was in my bag?
Handbag, Tory Burch

Hand Lotion
Hand Sanitizer
Car Charger
Blotting Paper
Compact Mirror
Card Holder
Cosmetic Pouch

Forever 21, Cosmetic PouchIn the cosmetic pouch:

Nail Clippers & File
Lip Balm
Lip Products of the Day

Thanks for stopping by and taking a quick peak at what’s happening in my bag.I hope you enjoyed this short post and have a great day!


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