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Recent Buys| October & November 2016

So, it’s been a while since I went shopping and decided on a short trip back home to go pick up a few things from Target. I wasn’t able to get everything I wanted, since I went the night before I left right and it was right before closing. And one of the items was a repurchase. Therefore, this will be a short post explain why I purchased them and how my first time using them was. New Purchasws

Hair Food Moisture Hair Mask|  I love trying new hair products, which caused me to pick this one up. I took this one since I tend to suffer from my hair drying out easily. This product has worked so far, my hair comes out soft and manageable. And for it to come out manageable stands out to me due to the tightness of my curls as well the thickness. However, I still want to see how it will be with continual use.

Yes to Tomatoes. Detoxifying Charcoal Mask| I am in love this brand, it is one of my to go to drugstore brands. I actually picked this out due to the fact that I was not able to go Sephora that weekend to repurchase the Orgins mask. So I bought this mask instead and I never saw this before and thought it would be interesting to try. So far, I have used it a few times and the results are nice, it does help with breakouts there and ones about to come out. One thing, I love about it is that it doesn’t dry so badly that I can feel it when the time is over.

Yes to Cucumbers Gentle Cleanser| This is repurchase and I still love it. It is truly a gentle cleanser, it doesn’t really strip too much of that your face will feel dry afterwards. It is a cleanser that most will have to get used to if then have not used cleansers like this before. And even with how it feels like much wasn’t taken off the skin, it actually works. And if moisture is a big factor, I would recommend this. I still use my Vitamin E Essence on top of it. Overall, it is a good product and is at a good price.

Hope you enjoyed this small haul as well as my experiences with them!


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