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At the Moment|Body Shop Masks

Another week has come and go. And this week, I thought I should should bring up the 2 little gems on my bathroom counter. Surprisingly, they are not from Sephora. This summer was a season for me to find some beauty items I loved. And these mask truly have helped with my beauty routine, even though they only come out for use every once in a while. So here are my little gems!

The Body Shop Masks

Green Tea Mask| Now this right here, is a absolute favorite of mine. I think I found it first on Amazon then later bought it in the actual store. I may bring it up on this blog a few more times. I think this is my third container I have purchased, I would recommend this if you suffer from breakouts. I used it as a full mask when I had breakouts constantly, but at this moment it is more of a spot treatment. I absolutely love this and would purchase it again.

Blue Corn Deep Detox Mask| This was a purchase I was not expecting to make, but I absolutely do not regret it. But I saw it while I was having a few bumps on my face that weren’t exactly breakouts and thought this would help. And the mask worked wonders on my face. The first few times, I used it as a full mask and now I switch between using it as a full mask and spot mask. I don’t know who I can exactly recommend it to, but it definitely worked for the bumps that see constantly on my face. And this can also be exfoliating as you wash it off. I would recommend to try it first before purchasing it.

Thanks for stopping by and reading. Please share your thoughts on the products if you tried them.


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