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Fresh is a new brand that I put into my skincare collection this summer. I love the products I have got from them, mainly the ones that came from Sephora as my birthday gift.

I am in absolute love with these products. The lip balm is one of the few that I have used on a regular basis and feel like it is still working. In addition, I know that I’m loving it especially since I bought it in May and I’m almost done with it this month and I’m just using the last bit. The next product is the soy cleanser, which I love using since it is gentle on the skin. Adding on to it being gentle, after rinsing my skin doesn’t feel like its been stripped of moisture. And even one of my friends that has used it loves it and is thinking of getting as well. I actually bought the slightly larger one (but still small enough to use for travel) after I used the one from my birthday gift. And lastly, the Rose Mask s a good mask to get if you have a problem with moisture. The consistency of the mask is a bit more on the liquid side and not much is need to get the feel. I would repurchase it if it was one of my main problems.
If you use any of the Fresh products please share your experience.

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