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Life| Sometimes the Plan Changes

This post is a bit different from the others, but I feel like motivation should be given every once in a while. Being in school or work and even just going through life, we have moments that we just want to let it all go or stop and question, “why?”. So here is a little motivation for anyone as we go into the weekend to get you ready for the following week.

Success is not built on success. It is built on failure. It is built on frustration. Sometimes it’s built on catastrophe.
-Sumner Redstone

Growing up is a thing we all wished for when we were young. The older we get, sometimes we wish we can go back to easier times. But the older you get, you tend to plan out things to get to were you need to be. We tend to make a plan for us to follow. And at times, the plan can be really detailed or just be there to give us guidance. However, one thing that really hits a lot of people is that the plan has to change to get to the goal. It can be the smallest things or it can be so big that we feel it for a longer period of time. Yet at times those changes are there to help us learn, whether it was from something of our own making or an outside source. But we have to remember the goals through all of the struggles/ failures because it makes you realize what you really want. And it helps you grow and makes that goal even a better accomplishment when you get there. And sometimes it can put you on a better path.


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