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One beauty trend that I am thankful for and will always be thankful for are masks. I love masks, I would like to say I have tried all the masks in the world, but I sadly have not. What usually happens is that I find the one I like and keep purchasing them over others. In this post, my loves are going to be from the Sephora line. SephoraMask.June.1

One thing, I never really heard of before last year was sheet masks. Which I am in love with after trying the Green Tea face mask one from Sephora. It actually worked although, it was pretty funny walking around the house like that and talking to my family. (Tip: small mouth movements). I used it once after a day of flying and being slightly dehydrated, and those two things cause my skin to become irritated. So, I decided to use the mask and the next morning there was a huge improvement to my skin.

The sleeping mask was pretty straight forward. Wash your face like normal and then just but it on like any moisturizer and do your morning routine when you wake up. And I love it. Just like the Green Tea Sheet Mask, I saw the results overnight. And that makes sense, since it is a sleeping mask and it is supposed to work while you sleep and that is the time your skin is able to revitalize itself. I do want to pick up another one when I stop by the store. And for $6, it is not a bad deal since it can be used multiple times if stored correctly.

Lastly, I tried the lip mask, which again was pretty funny to walk around the house with it on, but it did help with moisture. I went toward these due to the fact that I wear matte liquid lipsticks more and I tend not to use my chapstick that much while I wear it. I use it as a preventative to having dry lips. And dry lips take a while to revive. I messed up the first time I used it. The second time, I was prepared so I actually got the protection off both sides and was actually able to use it. It did the job and I have another ready to be used.

I’m not sure if I would go out of my way to repurchase the lip mask. However, the sheet an sleep mask I would repurchase, I felt like they did their job. These masks are not really sample products for me, but I do enjoy using them every once in a while.

Overall, I would recommend them if you are going for something that is budget friendly and is effective.


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