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Beauty| Liquid Lipsticks – Smashbox vs. Kat von D

Hello lovelies!
I am absolutely late to the liquid lipstick game. But I am definitely in love with these type of lipsticks. So far, I only have a few from the Smashbox and Kat von D lines. But honestly, both formulas act differently on me and I do have one line that I prefer more. In addition, I realize there are different routines I have to do before I apply them.

Smashbox vs Kat von D

The Kat von D lipsticks were the first ones I bought this summer and loved them. They last for a good time, but I realized I had to apply it differently from my other cream lipsticks to get it to be fully matte. With this lipstick, I could not put lip balm on my lips and soon after apply this. It tends to be sticky and rubs off quicker. So instead, I try to keep my lips in a good condition days before I apply this. After a while, my lips tend to feel more dry after a set amount of time. But when I apply it the right way, it barely rubs off at all.
Shades: Exorcism & Vampira

Next up are my Smashbox lipsticks, which are in my July and August Favorites post. I am in absolute love with this. And I will more than likely repurchase these lipsticks when I finish them. They are my to-go-to’s. And I do apply these without really having to be aware that I just applied lip balm and the finished product is soft and light on the lips. They still become fully matte and don’t have to worry too much about it rubbing off. After a long period of time, I do feel like I need a bit of mixture, but it is not that bothersome. I feel like that is just that a thing I suck up on both lipsticks.
Shades: Miss Conduct & True Grit

So these are my liquid lipsticks that I have and what I think about them. What are some of you favorite liquid lipsticks?


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