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Indy Eats|Capital Grille

I wanted to enjoy Devour Downtown in Indianapolis. It was from August 22nd to September 4th. There were a few options that had the lunch menu and Capital Grille was one of them. I met up with my friend before I left town and we had a quick bite to eat.

The restaurant was nice, but it was a beautiful day outside (until we got some thunderstorms), so we decided to sit outside before the rain got to us. The service was nice and we enjoyed the waitress that was assigned to our table, she was helpful in explaining dishes we wanted to know more about and letting us know what was going on with our dishes.

This was the bread that we got before the entree. It was tasteful.

We waited awhile for the bread to come out. It was fresh and the butter was soft and easy to spread as soon as it was put on the table. 

Our entrees from the Devour Downtown menu

I got the steak, per usual when I eat out. My friend got the grilled salmon. I tried some of her dish and it was good.And that is coming from someone who doesn’t really eat seafood. My dish was well done and was flavorful.

Sweet Dessert

Afterwards, my friend and I got crème brûlée. I feel like this is going to become a normal part of us dining out together. This crème brûlée was more on the sweet side and the caramel on top was soft. And the fruit added on to the sweetness of the dessert.

This was my first time at the Indiana location and I’m sure it would not be my last time there. The service was great throughout and the food was worth the price.

Random Tip: If you want to go to any of the places you would go to normally because of price. I would advise you to figure out when your city (or a place close by) is having events like this and see the dishes they are serving at that time if they put up the menu. The menus are usually show the price for the specific restaurant .

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