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Planning to meet up with friends when you’re older becomes quite difficult. However, when it happens, it feels like you barely missed out on knowing what has happened in their lives. And that’s one way to know you have a true friendship. 

Recently I went to dinner with one of my friends to Palomino. I had initially planned for another friend to make it, but schedules didn’t allow it to work. That caused me to have different dinner dates with each one of them. As we walked in, the ambiance of the restaurant was good. We both sat at a table which was perfect for 2 people, with a booth at both sides. That alone made me love the restaurant from the beginning. Our waiter was absolutely amazing, he was nice and helpful as we choose our entrees as well as the desserts.

This was the bread that we had before the entrees (although we already had some of the bread before this was taken).
I had the the Steak Frites  while my friend had the Four Cheese Penne.

We both agreed that the size portion was good and the price was not bad for what we got. The food also was very delicious. The steak was superb, especially since I tend to get my steaks well done. My friend’s food was also great, she said. The only thing was the amount of cheese, she’s not that much of a cheese person. And she got the dish named, Four Cheese Penne, so you know you would expect a lot of cheese. She just wasn’t expecting that much cheese. Adding on to the taste, the portions were good and left space for dessert.

Creme Brulee for dessert

We both got the crème brûlée, which I got her hooked on since we last had dinner together. It was absolutely amazing, the custard was good and the caramel was more on the burnt side. The taste of them together was good, but it is more of an acquired taste.

Overall the restaurant has been added to my favorites in Indy.And I will definitely be returning.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed my little review/description of my dinner at Palomino.





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