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Review|Pacifica Future Youth Mask

Here’s another review for the Pacifica brand. I reviewed their Pore Refining Mask a few  months ago and I did like it, but it finished in early June. That lead me to get another mask from the brand, the Future Youth Mask.


Scent: I like the scent of the mask, it is not to strong or very weak. It has a fruity smell to it, can I describe it to a tee? Nope. But I think it smells good for it to be on my face.
Feel: The mask has gel-like feel to it. It spreads pretty well as you apply it. It does have a bit of a tingling sensation on certain areas of my face, but I don’t mind the sensation.
Packaging: I like the packaging, I use a flat makeup brush to apply it to get it to be even.
Likes: I started using this when I had irritations on my face and it helped calm it down. And after weeks of using this mask, I did see some improvements on my face. And the ingredients of the mask are pretty good and natural.
Dislikes: I really don’t have any dislikes for this mask.I liked the product overall. One warning for using this mask is that the tingling sensation of the mask can be strong for some people.


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