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Beauty|H2O+ Body Scrubs

These two products were one of purchases I make when I go into the store not knowing they were having a sale as I walk through the store and I spot them. And that is how I ended up with these two products, the Black Sea and Milk scrubs from the h20+  brand.H2O.3

Scent: These two products do have a scent to them. The Milk body scrub has a milder scent to the Black Sea scrub. With the Black Sea scrub, the scent gets more mild as it lathers.
Feel: The scrubs are like many other scrubs that I have, there is nothing different about  it in that  first application. It isn’t that thick, but it does stay together as it comes out of the tube. But as I used them, they then lather.
Packaging: I like the packaging, it is good at getting the scrub out without losing product. But it can get a bit messy.
Likes: I like the smell of both of the  products, even though it gets milder as it is in use. I like to use this as a quick everyday scrub and the fact that it lathers, it is good for a quick scrub ans shower. And afterwards, my skin is still moisturized.
Dislikes: I really don’t have a lot of dislikes about these.However, closing the Black Sea sometimes need more cleaning at the top and the scent when you first use it hits you.


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