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Beauty|Lazy Day Go To’s

Being in a rush in the morning is a norm for me when I get back into the routine of classes. And sometimes, I just don’t have the energy. So I have a few basic go to products that I pick up.

The product I tend to reach for the most mainly deal with my eyes and lips.So most of the time, I do my eyebrows first with my MAC pencil in stud. And I tend to go for a really natural look on these days more often on a full glam day and this product helps with filling them in and allow them to still look natural. Next up are my eyes, I just go for a waterproof eyeliner from Sephora with a basic line. Sadly no wing is involved. I then  use a mascara from Maybeline afterwards that help separate my lashes and help them stand out a bit more. Lastly I focus on my lips, depending on the day, I will go for a lipstick and try to keep it more nude. Or I may go with no product on my lips and use the products in Basic Lip Products.
This is my lazy morning routine with my makeup with some of the products I tend to reach for more. What are some of the products you use on those days?

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