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At the Moment|Lip Balms

There is one thing that I usually always have on me is lip balms. The days I forget it, I have to plan in my head how to keep the moisture on my lips from the morning until I get home later in the day. But on the days that I don;t wear lipstick, I tend to have about 2-3 lip balms with me in my bag. In addition, even when I home, I have them spread out in my room. So I wanted to share the lip balms that I have been loving this year or are a new found love for me.

Chapstick| I have a small collection of these in my room and tend to only use them on top of my lipsticks, which is almost everyday. But just doing this post allow me to figure out it has SPF, so that is good.

Nivea| This is the original formula of the lip butter and I love using this when there is nothing on my lips. However, I don’t really like to take it out with me and tend to keep on my desk for easy access.. I love the product, it the perfect consistency for me.

Sugar| I bought the original lip balm of the brand after standing in Sephora for about 5 minutes looking at the shelf. I do like this product, it works well with helping my chapped lips and I tend to use it when I am going for something that last for a good amount of time compared to the others.

Smith’s| Walking through the checkout line in Sephora, I saw this little thing and thought to myself why not. (Hint to self: Sephora checkout line makes you grab more products). So I chose the Menthol and Eucalyptus Balm and love it. It does leave a bit of a tingling sensation, but it does help with keeping my lips smooth.

Here’s my current products for my lips. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for stopping by.


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