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Beauty|2016 Summer Morning Routine

Mornings. Sometimes I can wake up with enthusiasm and other times I just want to roll over and sleep for longer. But no matter the way I feel that morning, I always try to follow this routine (as close as I can). Let’s get into it:

07292016.4These two are my main cleansers right now. This Nivea scrub has been one of my favorites for a few years right now. I tend to see less blemishes when I use the scrub. But since the brand doesn’t have facial  products in the states, I tend to stock up on it whenever I can when I go to the UK. And I like the Green Tea cleanser because it does help a little with the irritations on certain areas of my face.

07292016.5The next step in my  rosewater toner. I love this toner and it is great for moisturizing as well. I tend to use a spray bottle to help me apply it. And it is simple to apply.

07292016.8The next step is simple with my Simple Soothing eye cream. Excuse the pun. But I do love this step just because I love using eye creams and it says soothing. So I just use this just because is basically what I’m saying and realizing. Oh well.

07292016.9This is a moisturizer that I found about 2 years ago and I love using it. It does work overtime for me. And overtime is the key word. I am thinking about changing my moisturizer, but I still got a few in stock for me to use. But I have put other family members on this product, so it is pretty good product.

07292016.12These two are the last things I use. As you can see, I really (really) like my face to be moisturized. I use the light moisturizer from Simple and then the sunscreen one. At times, I do sometimes switch to the Rich Moisturizer depending on how my skin feels. I am also trying to finish these up so that I can get some new products. But they are doing their job.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing my summer morning routine. What are some good moisturizers that you use?


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