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In My Closet|Black & Gold Court Heels

One thing most people know about me is that I LOVE shoes. However, at the same time I can also be picky about the pair of shoes that I buy. So of course there are some pair of shoes that I want to share with you from my most worn to the ones that come out only during a full moon. And to start with the presentation of my shoes, I need to show my first pair of court heels. These pair of shoes are my absolute shoe loves for the summer, I basically wear them 4-5 days out of the week.


I love these because I feel like they can go with anything I put one and can dress up an outfit easily. I feel in love with these because of the gold detailing that goes around the sole of the heel and the buckle, which just adds a little bit of something special. But these shoes started my love with court shoes as i purchased another one recently, so there are officially 2 different pairs in my closet and I love them both.

Thanks for stopping by to see a piece from my closet.


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