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Beauty|May & June Favs

Hello July! May and June have come and go. That means, we are already enjoying the summer. If you are specific to when the summer starts on the calendar, have gone a few weeks into the summer. So I decided to show some of the things I’ve been loving those two months.

Perfume| Reb’l fleur
Highlighter| Becca in Topaz
Lipsticks| Sephora Bewitch Me & Revlon Chocoliscious
Nail Polish| Essie Petal Pusher

These are the top 5 things that I have been loving so far this summer. I find myself going for the Reb’l perfume more this summer before I go out. And it actually tends to last on me for a long time. The Becca highlighter is one of my loves for the summer, I don’t know if I can emphasize on my love on this enough. I am going to probably do a full review on this later, but I just have to  say that I am in true love with this color. Lipsticks will always be one of my favorite things, but I like to change the shades throughout the year. Bewitch Me and Chocoliscious have been my favorite so far this summer. Although I must admit that Bewitch Me is one of my favorite shades throughout the year. Lastly, Petal Pusher from Essie is my main nail color this summer and I’ll see how long that love last.

These are my favorites from May and June.


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