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Beauty|2016 Summer Night-Time

I try to have a routine every night before I go to sleep. And I will do it anytime before I go to sleep which can vary from 4 hours to a few minutes before I hit the bed. Even though the products I use change frequently, some of these products have been in use for over year.

Cleanser|Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash & St. Ives Green Tea Scrub
Toner|Rosewater Toner
Eye Cream| Say Yes to Blueberries Eye Firming Treatment
Moisturizers|Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion & Nivea Regenerating Night Cream

These are the products that I have been using this summer and I am loving them.
The simple moisturizer does give me a bit of moisture after I wash my face, especially after removing all of my makeup. The Green Tea Scrub then helps with small irritations that I tend to have on my cheeks (I focus more on that area).
Then the Rosewater toner is used. I actually have this in a spray bottle and just spray a few times.

I let my face dry a bit after the toner and use my ring fingers to apply the eye cream. And let that dry for a short while as well with the toner. Afterwards, I apply the Tea Tree Night Lotion on the areas that I mainly have irritations or blemishes. For the last step, I use my Nivea night cream which I love. The consistency is a bit thick and can be applied smoothly over the skin.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my night routine for the summer. What are some of your great night-time products you love using?


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