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Review|Boscia Bright White Mask

I purchased this mask last year I believe and have been using it off and on since then. This mask isn’t so bad, but it is a mask I probably will not repurchase. When I want to look like a ghost in the middle of the night,it is great. And it does slightly brighten  up  my face. However, it is supposed to be a peel-off  mask and for me that never happened. Even though I keep adding on layers thinking it will make it easier to peel it off. I always had to wash it off and that’s not a bad thing, but it required a good amount of rinsing to get fully off. I like this brand, but the product was not my favorite to use.boscia2

ScentThe mask doesn’t have a strong smell to it and over time I get used to the scent.
Feel: The mask is a bit on the gooey side which I supposed is to help with the peel off part of the mask.
Packaging: I like the packaging, it is good at getting the mask out.
Likes: I like the packaging of the product. I also like the feel and appearance of my skin afterwards, it is a bit brighter. However, I focus more on the feel of my skin rather than the look because there is only a small difference in pigmentation.
Dislikes: The fact that the mask does not peel-off (I might need some pointers on this mask, if it is just me). The drying time usually takes more than 20 minutes.


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