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At the Moment|My Makeup Removers/Cleansers

I love having new cleansers every now and then. So I decided to pick out my favorite ones to help me remove my makeup for the day.
These are the three that I keep on using this summer and one of them I take with me when I travel.

DHC|Deep Cleansing Oil
DHC.1This little gem was found when I went on a trip with my friend and we went into Urban Outfitters. I never heard of the brand, I just picked because it was small and I wanted to see how cleansing oils would work for me. And this is a little gem that I love to use when I use a lot of makeup or after already wiped some off with another product. And I tend to take it with me when I am traveling. The good thing about it is that a little goes a long way and it is pretty suprising to see how much comes off. I can see this lasting for quite a while.

Nivea Cleansing Mousse
NiveaFoam.1This is a product that I tend to use when I am home. And I love using this as the last step when I am removing my makeup after I make sure all my makeup is off. It is also the cleanser I use when I am being lazy either that morning or night I don’t want to go through my whole routine. I feel pretty good after i use it.

Nivea Cleansing Milk
NiveaCleansingMilk.2I absolutely have been in love with this so far this summer. I am very liberal with the amount I put on a cotton pad to wipe off my makeup. It is so simple and it gets a good amount of makeup off as well. I like using this as it allows my face to still feel moisturized afterwards.

So all in all, I love these products to get rid of my makeup and tend to use them multiple times throughout the week (and on days that I can be lazy). The only bad thing about these is that Nivea face products are not really found in the US, which is sad since I love their products. What are some great cleansers you use?


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