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Would I consider myself a lipstick addict? Yes! Yes, I would. Am I proud of it? Yes, I am. One of my favorite features of my face is my lips. Lipstick is a way to enhance what I already love on myself. That causes me to buy different shades that I like and also some shades to try out and experiment with. So, I found this simple tag to do. And here is a look into my “small” lipstick collection.

Favorite Lip Balm/Treatment
My favorite lip balm is my Nivea Lip Butter, it goes on so soft and is pretty moisturizer to me. It does the job. I think I have one placed in different areas of my room, so it is always in reach. And when I need a little exfoliation, I use the Elf exfoliator.

That Eye-Catching Red
My Sephora lipstick in the shade Rouge. I love this shade although I tend not to wear red as much, but that is the first color I am picking up if I want a bit of attention to that area.

Best Luxury/ Best Drugstore Lipsticks
I really don’t have luxury lipsticks. I want some, but that is when I either run out of the colors I love or find a shade I love. My favorite drugstore lips will be my Revlon lipsticks, which tend to be a great casual wear.

That One of a Kind MAC
I don’t have a MAC lipstick in my small collection.

The Most Disappointing
The Clinique Chubby Stick. It does a good job at moisturizing, but the tints don’t do anything for me especially since it is very sheer and the color looks weird on my lips.

Lip Liner – Yes or No
YES!!! I love lip liners. I think I have more lip liners than I have lipsticks and glosses. I sometime use them as my lip color for the day.

That Oh-My Lip Gloss
My NYX lip gloss in the color Plush Red. Is pretty good, I love the pigment of it.

Got a Bit More to Tell

I am definitely a purple person when it comes to my lipsticks. The to go to color for my purple lips for me is the Sephora Bewitch Me. I am in love with this and where it any time of the day.

The next two things are my NYX soft matte. I am in love with these colors, the only thing is that they do not completely dry on me. But I still wear them a lot.

We have reached the end of the tag and I hope you enjoyed. What are some of your favorite lip products? I am always up to try some great products on my lips.


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