What’s in My Bag

beSo, I have this thing with being an nosy person when it comes to watching or reading what people have in their bag. It shows whether the person has a type A personality or just chucks whatever they need or get into it. So I decided to  check out how I really am with my bag. In which, I came up with the possibility of me being a type A person.

So first the bag:

So then we can take out what’s in the bag:
Wallet|Vince Camuto (DSW)
Car Keys
Nivea Hand Cream
Bonjuor Makeup Bag|
Forever 21

So now let’s take a look at what is in the makeup bag:
Perfume(s)|Daisy by Marc Jacobs & Reb’l fleur by Rihanna
Lip Balm|Nivea Lip Butter, SUGAR Advanced Therapy, Chapstick & ESOS
Hand Sanitizer| Bath and Body Works

So, this is what I carry in my bag. From day-to-day it changes, a lip liner and lipstick could be added or a pair of sunglasses with a case. It depends on how long I will be out and where I am going that day. This day, I decided to carry as many lip balms as  I could.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I keep in my bag!


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