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Beauty|Pacifica Pore Refine Mask

I am a beauty product junkie. I love having multiple mask at a arm’s reach. So after I came back from school after not really taking care of my skin during finals, I decided to pull out one of my mask. It ended up being the Pacifica Pore Refine Mask. I think I purchased it from ULTA for $18 (before tax). It stood out to me since it said that it was a deep detox mask.
Pacifica3.2There are many ingredients in the mask, but there seemed to be about 5 products that were mainly advertised when looking at the package.

Konjac Root: helps with clearing dirt, oil and blackheads
Strawberries: has a good source of Vitamin C – fights oily skin & nourishes; anti-aging; aids with acne control (sebum control); UV protection; lightens blemishes and acne scars
Tomatoes: UV protection; heals acne – rich in Vitamin A, C, K
Lemon Peels: helps with acne; helps with skin radiance
Blackberry: rich in Vitamin A, C, K – acne scars; astringent to help decrease breakouts; fights free radicals; hydrates skins

Looking at these ingredients, there is a common theme here to help with acne, blemishes, UV protection and hydration. I have been using this mask for the past few days every morning before I get into the shower. I can can see the difference in the few days that I have been using it. The irritation and breakouts of my skin has reduced, which was my main concern. So for me the mask has done a great job at what it advertised.
So this is my little take on the mask. What do you think and what mask are you loving right now?


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