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2016|Barbados for the Easter Weekend

One of my friends and I have a wanderlust that can probably go on for ages. It has come to the point that if anyone tells us that there is a place that they have been to, we look at each other and say, “You want to go?” And of course the answer is yes. So you can imagine how this trip was planned. And at the same time, we got some friends to come along as well. The trip was amazing. The view was spectacular, the waves were strong and the people were nice. This was a short trip as we only stayed there for 3 days. So here is how the trip went (with a few pictures added).

A view before we landed


We arrived in the afternoon and took a taxi to the hotel we were staying at. We then rested for a while and then planned out the rest of the time that we had for that day. The first thing we did was walk around the area, there was another hotel nearby and we looked around and stayed on their beach for a while. A friend and I broke off from the others to explore a bit more and ended up at Needham’s Point before heading back to our hotel. Since I am one of those people who look up a place before going, I recommended that we go to Fish Fry.

Fish Fry is located in Oistins and is a great place to go to have fish mainly, but you can also have chicken and lobster. The drive there was pretty short and when we arrived the area was already flooded with people in line. The food was amazing. However, I can’t really show you the dishes since we were hungry and dug in right away. During this, there was music playing and a few people dancing. Overall the first night there was a good start to the trip.

Sunset on the first night



So the next day, we kind of stayed back to do some work and study since we did take a weekend to go off during the semester. When we felt like we did enough studying, we went off to Harrison Cave and then into town. And the drive there from the cave was just beautiful. It was nice to walk through the town and just enter the different stores and see what they had around.

The drive to the cave


After the tour, there are stores that you can go to

We went back to the hotel and got ready for the night. We were recommended to go to a restaurant named Harlequin restaurant at the Gap. We all enjoyed our food and the little samples from each other’s food. We then just walked around the area and after a while we decided to go home. And as we hit the beds, we all knocked out.

A view from a point on the way back


Our last full day on the island and we spent it relaxing, mainly on the beach. This was the plan since we expected (and were told) that since it was Easter Sunday that many places wouldn’t be open. So of course, we just ended up studying a bit on the beach. We also decided to pick the restaurant that we would go to that night. And of course on a girl’s getaway, you want something slightly luxurious.

A view from the balcony
The view on the beach

The decision was made to go to Daphne’s later in the evening. As it came closer to the time to leave, we got ready for our night and we put on the fanciest outfits we had with us. The food at the restaurant was amazing and the service was good as well. Each one of us enjoyed our food. It also helped that for the price, the serving was enough for some us to be full and the others to have some to take home. We also got a lot of dessert. And that was the end of the night for us.


Our flight did not leave until noon. So we got up a bit early and packed our things, so that we can leave and come back later and just grab our things. So for our breakfast, we walked to the neighboring hotel and had some of the food from the café there. The food was enjoyable, but I wasn’t the biggest fan of the drink I got (neither was my friend). And we finished in time to get to the airport to be able to look around the stores before getting on our flight.


And that was the end to our short trip. It was an amazing place to see and a great place to talk to the locals. I truly enjoyed myself and I do want to go back in the future. It is a place that I would recommend, especially if you want to relax and go off and explore a bit.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed reading!


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